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Tips For Creating A Guest Room/Home Office

Having a home office and guest room are luxuries many of us can hardly afford in smaller homes or apartments. It almost makes perfect sense for an infrequently used guest room to work double duty as a home office. But how do you mix the two rooms without overwhelming the space and making it a mess? Read our tips as well as share your own on how to peacefully merge the two.


Clean up

We understand that a home office needs a workspace and more often than not it becomes a mess of papers, mail, notes, important documents, and who knows what else is swamping our desk (I’m sighing while I look at my own mess of a desk right now). Even if you need to make a mess while you work, make it easier on yourself to tidy up before guests arrive by having a good organization system. Take advantage of a nearby shredder,

Keep the clutter down.

While you should always clean up before guests arrive, keeping yourself organized is the easiest way to avoid a mess in the first place. You can make organizing fun with great organizers and tools. Tuck wireless printers and other infrequently used devices into closets and drawers (but don’t forget to leave some closet space for guests when they do swing by). Get inspired by some beautifully organized spaces and tackle your own space now.

Minimize the impact of a huge bed.

A bed is usually the largest object in a room. Given a small 10×10 room, a queen size bed might take up a third of that floor space. For something that’s rarely used, that can be quite a big waste of space. Downsizing your bed (single/twin/double/full) saves you more than a few precious square feet. Also consider while a bed placed in the middle of the room might look nice it’s often wasting even more space with unusable floor area on the sides. We suggest going with a daybed tucked against a wall to make the most use of your space.

Allow a television into your office

While we wouldn’t normally condone a television set in the office as a major source of distraction from getting work done, the space is also going to be used for guests. And sometimes those guests just want to retreat to their room and watch some TV away from you and your kids and dog and everything else that a hotel room would have shielded them from. So provide a TV and let them kick back and relax. Kudos if your computer monitor serves double duty as the television screen!

Be a good tech host with plugs, chargers, and more

Make it easy on your guests to charge up, access the internet, and more. This also helps keep your guests from having to move around your furniture looking for plugs and making a general mess of your carefully crafted setup.

Source:  www.apartmenttherapy.com



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Annual Change In Captial City Dwelling Values

Capital city home values have fallen by -0.4% throughout 2012

• Across the capital cities, property values have fallen by -0.4% over the 2012 calendar year, following a -3.8% fall in values in 2011.

• Melbourne has been the weakest capital city market over the past year, recording a -2.9% fall.

• Darwin, Sydney and Perth have all recorded value increases over the year.





Source: Rp Data

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Try these DIY tips to make home renovation and decoration easier.


1.   Don’t waste water by washing paintbrushes and rollers in between coats. Instead, wrap tightly in plastic cling film and they will stay moist – even overnight.

2.   Teasing a thread free and then pulling completely out from cotton and linen fabrics will create a straight line that you can follow to cut.

3.   Fix a squeaky door by sprinkling talcum powder on the hinges. This also works for squeaky floorboards.

4.   Use baby oil to remove paint from your skin.

5.   Add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to one-and-a-half litres of paint to reduce overbearing paint smells.

6.   Make threading a needle easier by squirting the thread with hairspray to make it   stiff.

7.   To remove old paint stains, soften with linseed oil and then wipe off. For tough stains, use a razor blade and scrape off.

8.   Use double-sided tape to stop rugs from slipping.

9.   Dip scissors in boiling water to make it easier to cut through delicate fabrics.

10.   Use dental floss to quiet a dripping tap until you can get it fixed. Tie one end of the floss around the tap and the other end of the dental floss down the drain. The drips travel along the thread instead of dripping into the sink.

11.   To prevent paint dripping onto the floor, glue a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. The plate should be five to eight centimetres wider than the can so it can catch drips.

12.   To cover scratches on wood furniture or floorboards, make a thick paste of instant coffee and a little water. Rub it into the nicks and scratches. You may need to apply several layers before the scratch is covered. Allow to dry, and then apply a layer of furniture polish. Shoe polish is an excellent alternative and comes in a variety of colours.

13.   To prevent screws from coming loose, put a drop or two of clear nail polish into the hole before you finish tightening the screw.

14.   To remove small dents in unvarnished wood, wet the area with a small amount of water then cover with brown paper and apply a hot iron for a short period. The heat evaporates the water, while the steam expands the squashed wood fibres back to their original level.

15.   To keep paint fresh, add four tablespoons of methylated spirits, seal and store. Do not stir until using paint again.

Source: www.homelife.com.au


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De-amalgamation Q & A Luncheon



To assist fellow citizens in our community to understand the issues, the costs and the benefits I have organized a meeting/forum for people to attend, ask questions and contribute.

DATE: 12 NOON, THURSDAY 24/01/2013








Guest will speak briefly to us, then open the meeting up to questions.

The aim of this meeting is to be informed and for us to support the path forward to ensure we vote to become de-amalgamated.


RSVP: By Monday 21st of Jan 2013, to Phil Holloway

EMAIL: phil@c21portdouglas.com.au

MOBILE: 0419 419 419


Please forward this invitation on to your friends who may wish to attend.


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Attractive Buying Conditions For 2013

Australia's Real Estate Market 2013

Australian Real Estate Market 2013

Century 21, the largest real estate sales organisation in the Asia Pacific region, believes that 2012 saw a general stabilisation in Australian residential property prices which in turn may provide a strong platform for moderate growth in 2013.


“Century 21 believes that low interest rates, good stock levels and recent price stabilisation in many Australian property markets may, in combination, lure many buyers into the market in 2013,” said Chairman and Owner of Century 21 Australasia, Charles Tarbey.


“The Reserve Bank’s four interest rate cuts last year should encourage the market, and with more cuts potentially on the cards, yields on many property investments may further improve which could also lead to a lot of new buying activity from property investors.

Australia's Real Estate Market 2013

Australian Property 2013


“However, the fragility of the global economy and local consumer confidence will likely be key impediments to the market achieving the type of growth we saw pre-GFC.


“While each individual market should be assessed on its merit, there would appear to be many prevalent market conditions that may prove to be very attractive to buyers in 2013,” concluded Charles Tarbey.


RP Data-Rismark recently released their end-of-year housing data for 2012 which showed that capital city dwelling values eased 0.3 per cent in December, to be down 0.4 per cent over the year.


The company noted that while capital city home values remained 5.7 per cent lower than their historic highs of November 2010, dwelling values were up 1.8 per cent from their low of late May 2012.


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Report identifies possible reforms to achieve housing solutions

Should you invest your hard-earned cash in house on a quarter acre block, or a low-maintenance apartment in the city? It’s the age-old question that plagues property investors across the nation, and as is often the case when it comes to real estate, there is no clear-cut answer.



“The question itself is not as simple as it sounds, as there are so many factors that determine profitability,” says Elisa Townsend from thefinanceteam.com.au. “When I look at a property for myself I tend to go for houses, mainly due to the development potential. If I get a decent block in a growth area then there is the possibility of developing the site –even if only to the point of a dual occupancy – and increasing the yield.”


However, this is not necessarily a blanket strategy that applies to all investors, she warns. The long-held argument for houses over units has been largely drawn from the belief that “the value is in the land”, as land appreciates and buildings deprecate, and therefore houses are always the premium option. But Townsend says there are many factors to weigh up.


“That approach depends on location, the local council development regulations and the potential growth for the area,” she explains. “You also need the ability to maintain the property and rent it consistently – after all, what is the point in having a house with land if you can’t rent it and therefore cannot hold it?”


When trying to decide between houses or units, she suggests that you evaluate your options based on “the quality factor”. This means investing in the best quality property you can afford within your budget – regardless of whether it’s strata titled or standalone. “In regards to units, you need to pick quality developments in quality areas with a good agent, as this provides a desirable property to tenants,” she says. “This translates to maximised rental returns and minimal vacancy rates, which maximises your income.”

Source: Your Investment Property, www.yip.com.au



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Mortgage Arrears Continue To Fall

Mortgage arrears have fallen for the second consecutive quarter, a welcome indication that Australia’s property market is remaining solid amid global financial turmoil, but there’s some even more good news.


According to the latest Fitch Ratings Dinkum Index for the September 2011 quarter, the number of mortgages that are in arrears by 30 days or more decreased by 0.17% to hit just 1.52%.


This downward trend is expected to continue into 2012 thanks to back to the RBA’s back to back interest rate decreases in November and December this year, said Fitch Structured Finance team analyst Courtney Miller.


When broken down into categories, the largest drops in mortgage arrears were in the 30-59 day, and 60-89 day brackets, while the number of mortgages that were 90-plus days in arrears saw the smallest decrease – dropping from 0.67% to 0.63% over the quarter.


Source: Your Investment Property




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Homes more affordable now

Housing has become a lot more affordable over the past year, due to a drop in home prices combined with lower home loan rates and higher incomes, according to property analysis provider RP Data.

Based on around 285,000 sales over the first 10 months of 2011, the RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index recorded a decline in the month of October prior to the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates in November 2011.

Capital city home values slid 0.5 per cent (in seasonally adjusted terms) in October.  Over the 10 months to end October 2011, values have declined by 4.0 per cent.

RP Data’s director of research, Tim Lawless said that with home loan rates falling to below-average levels, disposable household incomes growing quickly and the cost of housing dropping, Australians are benefitting from a very welcome boost in overall housing affordability.

Across the capital cities there remains considerable dispersion in housing value movements.

Sydney and Canberra have been most resilient with dwelling values down by just 1.4 per cent and 1.1 per cent from their peaks, respectively.

In the month of October, Sydney and Canberra homes both produced flat to positive capital growth; 0.0 per cent and +1.6 per cent, respectively, while the other capitals posted declines ranging from -0.6 per cent in Melbourne to -1.6 per cent in Brisbane.


Source: Quartile Research, quartileresearch.com.au




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Century 21 Port Douglas Xmas Trading Hours


MONDAY 24TH December : OPEN until we get thirsty



THURSDAY 27TH December: OPEN but could be shaky before lunch

FRIDAY 28TH December:  OPEN

SATURDAY 29TH December: CLOSED but sales people will answer mobile phones

SUNDAY 30th December: CLOSED

MONDAY 31st December: OPEN until we get thirsty


WEDNESDAY 2ND January: OPEN but could be shaky before lunch



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The Year That Was 2012 – Port Douglas Property Round Up

Merry Christmas from Century 21 Port Douglas Real Estate

Merry Christmas from Century 21 Port Douglas Real Estate

Thankfully the latter six months of 2012 have seen an increase in tourist numbers and general activity in Port Douglas. The accommodation houses and restaurants have been noticeably busier. The consequence of this is that property owners have experienced better returns.

What is even more promising is that accommodation houses are reporting good forward bookings for 2013.


In the Port Douglas property market the following are points of interest:

1. Occupancy rates in both holiday and permanent lettings have increased.

2. Unfortunately because of the great debts for Insurance companies due to Earthquakes in New Zealand, floods in Brisbane and Cyclone Yasi in Cardwell, the majority of insurance companies have increased their premiums immensely.

3. Costs of council rates have escalated too. These “outgoings” have placed terrible pressures onto all owners and investors.

For us, as Port Douglas Real Estate Agents, we have found this a difficult market to work in, as the news we pass onto our Sellers is not always pleasing.

As the Agent who is the purveyor of news that property values have dropped by 10% to 50%, does not bring happiness to prospective sellers.  For the past 4 years we have experienced “heartbreak” for many people.

Buyers on the other hand, have bought well, but there is still is an obvious “fear” and lack of confidence in the future. I guess with the daily, negative news from around the world, no-one exudes confidence and little positive news and optimism for the future has been forthcoming from the experts and politicians.

For most of us, we have been, and still are experiencing an “economic climate”, which is the toughest for 60+ years.

From all we observe, we believe we should see the Port Douglas Property market “improving somewhat” in 2013.  Whilst we believe this to be the bottom of the Port Douglas Real Estate market, (price wise)  a definite increase in the volume of sales, gives us reason to be optimistic.

Recent figures from the REIQ show the turnover in sales in both Macrossan Street and Davidson Street has been amongst the highest in Far North Queensland.

By this time next year we forecast there will be an upturn in the Port Douglas real estate prices, but not with the sharp price increases we have known in the past.

Our outlook is further buoyed by recent reports from Port Douglas Holiday Accommodation houses which have indicated that the forward bookings are significantly better than they have been for the last four years.

So where do we go from here? The Port Douglas property market is slowly turning a corner.

We need to remind ourselves that we are lucky to be living in a great country with the majority of people being genuinely good citizens.

There’s a lot of caring, helpful and generous people in our small community who make daily contributions to society.  We would like to congratulate these people and continue to aspire to do our share.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Century 21 Port Douglas clients good health and happiness. May your Christmas and festive season be spent happily with family and friends.

Best Wishes from Phil Holloway, Ian Johnson, Narelle Johnson and the staff of Century 21 Port Douglas.



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