Tips For Creating A Guest Room/Home Office

Having a home office and guest room are luxuries many of us can hardly afford in smaller homes or apartments. It almost makes perfect sense for an infrequently used guest room to work double duty as a home office. But how do you mix the two rooms without overwhelming the space and making it a mess? Read our tips as well as share your own on how to peacefully merge the two.


Clean up

We understand that a home office needs a workspace and more often than not it becomes a mess of papers, mail, notes, important documents, and who knows what else is swamping our desk (I’m sighing while I look at my own mess of a desk right now). Even if you need to make a mess while you work, make it easier on yourself to tidy up before guests arrive by having a good organization system. Take advantage of a nearby shredder,

Keep the clutter down.

While you should always clean up before guests arrive, keeping yourself organized is the easiest way to avoid a mess in the first place. You can make organizing fun with great organizers and tools. Tuck wireless printers and other infrequently used devices into closets and drawers (but don’t forget to leave some closet space for guests when they do swing by). Get inspired by some beautifully organized spaces and tackle your own space now.

Minimize the impact of a huge bed.

A bed is usually the largest object in a room. Given a small 10×10 room, a queen size bed might take up a third of that floor space. For something that’s rarely used, that can be quite a big waste of space. Downsizing your bed (single/twin/double/full) saves you more than a few precious square feet. Also consider while a bed placed in the middle of the room might look nice it’s often wasting even more space with unusable floor area on the sides. We suggest going with a daybed tucked against a wall to make the most use of your space.

Allow a television into your office

While we wouldn’t normally condone a television set in the office as a major source of distraction from getting work done, the space is also going to be used for guests. And sometimes those guests just want to retreat to their room and watch some TV away from you and your kids and dog and everything else that a hotel room would have shielded them from. So provide a TV and let them kick back and relax. Kudos if your computer monitor serves double duty as the television screen!

Be a good tech host with plugs, chargers, and more

Make it easy on your guests to charge up, access the internet, and more. This also helps keep your guests from having to move around your furniture looking for plugs and making a general mess of your carefully crafted setup.




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