One Last Shot For De-Amalgamation In Port Douglas

Early next year we’ll be organising a Fund Raising Luncheon so that we can support an advertising campaign to get our Shire back.

In summary, I’ll make a few points:* I was one of many who accepted the concept that [1] “Amalgamation with Cairns” would prove to be financially sound because of the more efficient use of resources,people and equipment etc;[2].. the “disfunctional” and non co-operative approach by the then Counsellors would be erased;[3]and we would be served and cared for in a better fashion.

Well , we all know that the result of amalgamation which was forced on us by the Bligh Government has upset the residents immeasurably. *We are all experiencing drastically tough times as a consequence of the GFC,the strong $Aud and our struggling tourism industry.

Understandably, people are concerned about the financial burden of deamalgamating , but the figures being thrown around by the Gov’t do not take into account our assets and ability to raise income.

There appears to be no chance of getting back the cash and machinery etc which has been consumed by CRC and the State Gov’t doesn’t wish to initially help us financially.* It’s unfortunate in our democratic process, that those who are paying the rates don’t necessarily get to vote, as there are many absentee owners who contribute to this area.

However, the people on our electoral role, if not rate payers, their rents are contributing and they are here as part of the community and deserve input.

There are many who will contribute several times, but we can’t just focus on the negative aspect of ownership.*A new DSC will not have divisional Counsellors, so this should eradicate the negatives of the past.

This will be a ‘last shot” for a revitalised DSC.

We will be making a decision to improve our area in the long term for the next generation.

Let’s not remain the “cash cow” for Cairns, being under- represented,let’s be the decision makers for a revitalised , unique and independent Shire, which pulls together to attain the best for all residents.

Contact me – Phil Holloway at Century 21 Port Douglas, ┬áif you wish to be part of our group who are pro Deamalgamation.{0.419.419.419} and can assist.

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