Moving prized furniture to a new home

Moving is stressful enough. Moving prized furniture is even more nerve-wracking. Here’s some tips to keep your stuff safe and you sane.

The better prepared you are for the move, the more likely it is to all go smoothly, so plan out your move carefully and do everything you can to provide those special items with all of the safety and security they need. The following looks at some of the best ways to move your prized furniture to your new home, safely and hassle free.

Get professional help

The best way to ensure your prized furniture pieces make it to your new home safe and sound is by having professional removalists take care of it for you. Some moving services specialise in high-end furniture moving, and apart from having the equipment, the muscle and the expertise, they also have years of experience.

If something does happen, moving companies will also usually be fully insured to cover any damages. Make sure you talk to your movers about your most sensitive items and brief them about any details or nuances they’ll need to know to get the job done.  You can’t underestimate the amount of stress a move can cause. Liberate yourself from it with specialist care and service.

Don’t do it alone (even if you don’t go pro)

If you want to do the move yourself, make sure you have a few friends to help you with those prized furniture items — especially any that are heavy or awkwardly shaped. With enough people, even the heaviest item should be more than manageable.

Having some help will also allow you to spend more time packing everything carefully, giving your furniture the best chance of making it through the move in one piece. If you move with friends or family, you might even be able to make the process a little fun.

Provide lots of protection

Whether those special items of yours are big or small, make sure you are providing plenty of padding and protection for them during the trip, because this may prevent a slight bump from being an expensive and damaging event. Provide more protection than you think your furniture will need, because this will greatly reduce the chance of something happening, and any extra time it takes will be well worth it once the move is successfully completed.

Get insured

Regardless of whether or not you are moving the items yourself, having some extra insurance is a good idea — especially if you are moving some of those special and valuable items. While not all of those special items may be able to be replaced, some will, and with insurance you will be able to afford to have any others repaired as best as they can be. Knowing you’re covered will take the edge off the nerves that come with transporting something precious.

Take your time

Rushing a move is never a good idea, especially when you are dealing with important and valuable items, so allow plenty of time to get everything done and there will be no need for anything to be moved before it is ready to be. Allowing lots of time for your move will also mean you may be able to leave those precious items for last, so you can give them the extra attention they need and move them straight into position at your new place.

If you are being careful, there is very little chance anything will go wrong on your move, but if you are at all concerned with your ability to successfully move any of the valuable items, always ask for help.






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