Spring Cleaning: getting your home ready

Spring is the time to dry-clean duvets and shake out the rugs. More importantly, it’s time to oil the deck, dust off the outdoor furniture and make sure the BBQ is in peak condition.As the warmer weather arrives, we fling open the windows and extend our living space into the great outdoors. But just as we need to start protecting ourselves from the sun, we also need to do a few jobs around the house to make sure it will withstand another long, hot summer.

Do you live in an apartment? These tips can still be applied – you may just need a little more ingenuity in some areas.

1. Oil your deck and outdoor furniture – Unless your decking timber is painted or treated, it’s important to oil it every three to six months. A good oil will enhance the natural grain of the timber and make it look lustrous in the summer sunshine. Ditto your outdoor furniture – dust off the cobwebs, polish up your BBQ and get it ready for an influx of visitors.

2. Seek shade – Your house or apartment needs shade just like you do. Awnings or trellises on the outside of all west-facing windows are a great investment – as are good blinds on the inside. Shading over decking areas is a must, too; unless you fancy the idea of frying your eggs on the timber.

3. Get your summer vegies in – There’s still time to plant all your summer vegies: tomatoes, beans, corn, carrots, leafy greens, pumpkins and more. Ask at your local nursery about what vegies can be grown in your local area, and start digging. Vegies grow beautifully in pots on sunny balconies too – just remember that they’ll be a bit more thirsty than those in the ground.

4. Be water smart – If you haven’t installed a rainwater tank yet, then get in quick before the long summer dry. Also, be water smart inside – collect shower water for the garden or your pot plants, place a tub in the kitchen sink to catch the water when you wash vegetables, and only do a load of washing when it’s full (ditto the dishwasher).

5. Get out amongst it – Late spring is a great time to head outdoors. Warm days, longer evenings, a sense of anticipation in the air. So get out there now and start enjoying it, making the most of the balmier weather before the full force of summer hits.

Source: Garden City, www.gardencity.com.au


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