Maintain a garden even if you’re living in an apartment

When comparing the pros and cons of apartment living, a drawback that usually tends to arise is that apartments generally don’t allow for occupants to have a garden.

Having a garden in a unit or apartment

While many won’t see this as an issue at all, others might be making the transition from a property with an outside area and could mourn the loss of their gardening time.
Living in an apartment, however, doesn’t have to mean the end of outside space or your gardening hobby.  There are a variety of housing features that buyers and renters can look for when searching for a property to reside in to ensure that they are able to continue to enjoy their pastime.  And for those already living in an apartment, there are numerous ways to incorporate some plant life into your decor.
Many residential complexes will have ground floor apartments – some of which have an outdoor backyard or courtyard area.  Despite being compact in size, keen gardeners may be able to establish gardening beds in these spaces, or at the very least install a variety of different pots and containers in which to grow and maintain plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables.
Those people that find themselves living in apartments situated on higher levels of a building could have access to balcony space.  While again compact, a balcony may offer an outside area in which to cultivate a number of potted plants.

And in apartments where neither a balcony nor courtyard is present, residents can still maximise the space beneath windows – maintaining potted plants in the sunlight that these openings can provide.
All apartments will be different in terms of the directions they face and the levels of light present.  As such, the plants that apartment residents are likely to have the most success with will change from home to home.  In order to select the best plants possible for your situation, the best solution is usually to visit your local nursery and have them recommend options according to your living space.

Balcony Garden - Apartment Living
For those keen gardeners out there, apartment living doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up your hobby, rather it might involve a few tweaks in the way in which you carry it out.  In any case, there are numerous plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and the like that can be grown in an apartment setting – allowing residents to maintain their pastime.


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