The NO stress move

Moving is often synonymous with high levels of stress.  The process of uprooting and relocating your whole life can be physically and mentally draining, especially if you don’t have a plan to work through making sure everything is done and in order.Allow at least a fortnight, if not a month, of planning before your actual move date.  For the time you have, make a list of absolutely everything you need to do, big or small, then create a timeline that you can work through and tick off as you go, so you know that all your bases are covered.  Your list could include the following:1. Contact your utility providers (phones, electricity, gas) two weeks in advance to organise when your services are to be connected/disconnected. 2. Moving provides you with the perfect opportunity to discard clutter. Sort out unwanted items and either hold a garage sale, donate them to a charity or just throw them away.  Why waste time and effort moving things that you never use anyway?3. When looking for removalists, shop around to find the best price and business suited to you.  4. Notify your roads and traffic authority, insurers, banks, medical fund, electoral roll, etc. of your change of address. Send some eye-catching notes to your friends and relatives telling them you have moved, then get the post office to re-direct other mail for a few months to catch the random, forgotten ones. 5. Update home contents insurance to protect your personal belongings.6. When packing, choose the boxes you use carefully – heavier or fragile items should be packed in smaller boxes, boxes should only be packed to a weight that is still comfortable to carry, and be sure to label the tops and sides to specify the content and what room they belong in.7. It can be a good idea to pack a travel bag so you have easy access to things like toiletries, underwear or a change of clothes and other every day essentials that could easily be lost in a pile of boxes that you haven’t yet had time to sort through.

Moving House With No Stress

Source: Quartile Research


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