Solar Eclipse 2012

There is no better place in the world than Port Douglas for the 2012 Solar Eclipse.

This spectacular phenomenon will be passing right over the top of us on 14th November 2012 and already, the area is becoming heavily booked from the early birds keen to catch this amazing sight.

The eclipse will visit us at the beginning of the “wet” season so there is a small chance there may be some cloud cover (the heavy cloud cover being later on in the season), however some authorities in this issue are quite optimistic.

Temperatures in November are warm and the humidity is typically around eighty percent at this time of the year.

Best spot to be? On the sands of Four Mile Beach of course! You can also perch yourself on top of Flagstaff Hill which has views over Port Douglas but expect a crowd to be up there waiting with you.

A total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon completely obscures the Sun. A very bright “ring” of the outer edge of the Sun is seen around the Moon which forms a dark silhouette.

During any eclipse, the totality of the very narrow path it takes along the surface of the Earth is visible from only such part, which just so happens to be where Port Douglas is positioned.


Path of 2012 Solar Eclipse


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